Don't Suffer Through Freezing Showers

Schedule tankless water heater repair services in Wagoner & Tulsa, OK

Sometimes it's easy to know your water heater is broken. You're halfway through a shower, only for the water to suddenly become unbearably cold. If you no longer have hot water, call Woolley Plumbing & Drain. We offer tanked and tankless water heater repair services in and around Wagoner & Tulsa, OK.

Our skilled plumber can fix all kinds of problems, from clogged tanks to leaks to pilot light issues, for all water heater makes and models. We'll make sure your water heater works properly again.

Contact us at 918-457-0207 for tanked or tankless water heater repair services.

Reasons to replace your old water heater

Reasons to replace your old water heater

Your water heater might stop working because it's old and worn-out. But there are other reasons to consider new water heater installation services. Upgrade your water heater because...

  • You can replace your traditional water heater with a tankless unit that's more energy-efficient and can lower your utility bill
  • A new water heater is less likely to need repairs and will last longer, giving you reliable hot water every day
  • Replacing your small reserve tank with a larger option will give you enough hot water for your entire family

Our plumber can assess your hot water needs and recommend an effective solution. Get a free estimate on water heater installation services when you contact us today.